Our Mission


Our Mission

Housing, Day Habilitation, Recreation through The Grape Escape

Mission Statement

The Mission of Clearwater Homes, Inc., is to provide Housing, Day Habilitation, Recreation through The Grape Escape and Transportation Services to persons with Developmental Disabilities. We work cooperatively with agencies that provide services to these same individuals.

We believe that these Homes, Workplace and Personal Vehicles offer our clients a great opportunity to live within a family home atmosphere, to enhance the skills that they desire, or may already have, and to access their community as any law abiding citizen.

This is in line with each person’s Individual Service Plan (ISP), with the anticipation of taking each person to his and/or her highest potential.

The procedures of Clearwater Homes are intended to assure the health and safety of each client, and to initiate the collection of the information relevant to prescribing an ISP consistent with identified needs of the client.

Clearwater Homes, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

Day Habilitation Services provided by The Grape Escape are addressed in this site.

Transportation provided to our clients allows the opportunity to access community activities which include, but are not limited to, Medical Appointments, Church, Shopping, Dances, Movies and other Community Outings as outlined in their ISP.

To ensure coordination between Clearwater Homes, the Client, Parent and/or Guardian and the County Board(s) of Developmental Disabilities, prior to serving and/or transporting any consumer, there shall be an initial, then annual thereafter, meeting to exchange information relative to the housing and transportation needs of the consumer.

Clearwater Homes, Inc. does not discriminate in regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex age or handicap.

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  • Chief Operating Officer: LuAnn Busch
  • President: Tom Currence
  • Co-Administrator: Michelle Pelley
  • Program Director: Erin Soupka
  • Oversight Director: Tracey Carpenter
  • HR Director: Teresa Buckman / Tama Marks
  • Client Resource Director: Kathy Capo